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Retail Equipment Sales in Southern MN & Northern IA

Alkita Power Washers

Alkota Power Washer Sales in Fairmont MN,
serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

Olson Rentals features a full line of Alkota® Power Washers for Sale, we currently offer complete sales and service on all Alkota® Power Washers. Click on the links below for Brochures and Literature for various lines of Alkota® Power Washers and Parts Washers that we currently sell and service. If you have any questions regarding each of the models or would like more information, please call 507.238.1393 for more information or call us Toll Free at 800.381.0246.


Dixon ZTR Mowers

Dixon ZTR® Mower Sales in Fairmont MN,
serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

In 1973, Dixon purchased a unique, patented zero-turn transaxle which delivered independent drive power to the rear wheels for ultimate control. In 1974, Dixon ZTR® was born when the first model rolled off the assembly line. Homeowners could now experience the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower at an affordable price. Today, Dixon offers a zero-turn model line that suits both the homeowner and the professional landscaper. In 2010, Dixon introduced 3 conventional riding tractors loaded with features to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner. Cutting the grass doesn’t have to be a job...enjoy the ride on a Dixon mower.

Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment Sales in Fairmont MN,
serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

Honda’s commitment to creating products that improve the quality of people’s lives goes well beyond automobiles and motorcycles. Since 1953, Honda has manufactured over 40 million power products worldwide and continues to be a leader in the development of low-emission, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines for use in outboard motors, generators, water pumps, lawn mowers and many other power equipment applications. This leadership in power equipment design and engineering was clearly evidenced by Honda’s commitment to have most of its worldwide general purpose engines meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2006 emission levels by late 2001. Honda’s unwavering reliability, quality, durability and environmentally conscious efficiency can’t be beat. Honda’s power in this market is an undeniable force.

Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills

Broilmaster Premium Gas Grill Sales in Fairmont MN,
serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

Broilmaster has been manufacturing Premium Gas Grills since 1966. The original G-1000 – though smaller than the grills we make today – featured the now-legendary bowtie burner fitted into a heavy-duty cast head with the trademarked rib pattern on the lid. Broilmaster’’s unique grill head featured a deep bottom casting that allowed more uniform temperature across the cooking grid. To demonstrate its ability to heat evenly, Broilmaster Sales Representatives would place five slices of bread on the grill (at the center and corners), wait 30 seconds, and remove the slices to reveal perfectly uniform toast – no hot spots and no dead spots. While other grill brands have come and gone – and many have gone overseas – Broilmaster soldiers on as one of the few gas grills still made in the USA. The brand is now owned by Empire Comfort Systems, which produces Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills in its plant in Belleville, Illinois.

Husqvarna Group

Husqvarna Equipment Sales in Fairmont MN,
serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa

The Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products including robotic mowers, garden tractors, zero turn mowers, chainsaws and trimmers. A beautifully crafted and maintained garden brings with it many rewards, and the work to do it should give you just as much pleasure. That’s why we have created products with outstanding high performance, durability and innovative solutions.